Why Water Filtration, Why Now? 

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July 25, 2019


If you’re like most people, you don’t second guess the quality of the water you use each and every day. Turn on the faucet and a stream of what you assume to be clean, safe water comes out in a never-ending supply. Many people drink tap water, use it to cook, wash fruits and veggies, and bathe with without giving it a second though. 

Here’s the thing, though. Even if you live somewhere where tap water is regulated and tested, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Your tap water likely contains shocking levels of chemicals that are serious cause for health concern. Think fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and known cancer-causing chemicals. 

What About Bottled Water?  

If you think you’re safe because you use bottled water instead of tap, you might want to think again. Bottled water isn’t mandated to be any safer than tap water, but it’s sold at 1,900 times the cost. 

The Health Dangers of Bottled Water

While you might assume what you’re drinking is safe (that’s what you’re paying for right?), it’s important you know that the standards for chemical pollutants in tap water and bottled water are practically the same. We hate to break it to you, but most bottled water you can buy is simply filtered tap water. 

In a bottled water quality investigation, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) discovered 38 contaminants in 10 popular brands of bottled water. This wide range of pollutants included not only disinfection byproducts, but heavy metals and minerals including arsenic and radioactive particles, fertilizer residue, various solvents, plasticizers, and common wastewater pollutants such as pain killers and caffeine. 

 38 million plastic bottles go to landfill each year in America alone.

38 million plastic bottles go to landfill each year in America alone.

The investigation also included evaluations for breast cancer cell proliferation. In one bottled water brand, a 78% increase in breast cancer cell proliferation was discovered when it was compared to a control sample. In the test, 1,200 primary breast cancer cells increased to 32,000 cells in just four days. Proliferation of the controlled sample reached only 18,000. 

The Environmental Impact of Bottled Water

Not only is bottled water potentially dangerous to your health but is also a tremendous environmental impact. Were you aware, for example, that it takes three liters of water to produce one liter of bottled drinking water? By some estimates it could take up to seven liters of water to produce one bottle liter when you consider the amount of water that is used for packaging.  

It’s also suggested that approximately 17 million barrels of oil are needed to produce bottled drinking water for US consumption. Then there’s the energy used to treat the water, fill and cap the bottles, then ultimately transport them. 

Let’s not forget that globally, humans purchase one million plastic bottles a minute. Only 9% of this plastic is recycled. Most plastic bottles end up in our landfills and pollute our oceans. 

Needless to say, the need for filtered water has never been greater. Not only have both tap and bottled water proven time and time again to be potentially dangerous to your health, but the environmental impact of plastic is staggering. 

 Did you know that soft water requires significantly less soap to suds? Save your skin, save your money and save the planet!

Did you know that soft water requires significantly less soap to suds? Save your skin, save your money and save the planet!

Why Water Filtration? 

We live in a time where it’s vital to protect the health of ourselves and our families, as well as the health of the environment. There is no better time than now to make small changes that will ultimately make a big difference. 

The best thing you can do for the health of you and your family is invest in a quality water filter. No matter where you live, all tap water contains chlorine, which the American Journal of Public Health has associated with “significant increases in certain types of cancer, asthma, and skin irritations.”

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated, “Due to chlorine and showering, virtually every home in America has a detectable level of chloroform gas in the air.” 

Get this. One study even found that taking just a 10-minute shower in unfiltered water significantly increased levels of trihalomethanes, which have been associated with bladder and colorectal cancers. 

Why Quality Water Filtration is Important

Knowing what you do now, you might be tempted to head out immediately and buy a water filter to attach to your sink. Unfortunately, these do little more than improve the taste of your tap water. 

We can’t stress how important it really is to invest in a quality water filtration system. Reverse osmosis water filtration systems can tend to be expensive, but are excellent at filtering out chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and pretty much all toxins that are found in tap water. 

Something else to consider is investing in a high quality shower and bath water filter. Remember, tap water isn’t just terrible for your skin when used to bathe. It can also pose serious health risks. Chlorine, fluoride, and other toxic chemicals soak directly into your skin when you bathe, subjecting you and your family to a higher level of chemicals than you might think. 

In a perfect world, the water that came out of our taps would be as clean as we believe it to be. Unfortunately, we’re not there and there’s never been a more critical time to seriously consider using some kind of water filtration system. Your health, your family’s health, and the health of the environment will all benefit from using filtered water. 


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