Why A Whole House Reverse Osmosis System is Simply a Waste Of Money

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June 8, 2020

There a lot of options on the market when it comes to filtering systems for water and it can get very confusing. We’ll educate you on the different options we offer and why a whole house reverse osmosis system may not be the best option for your wallet.

Reverse Osmosis water systems are a wonderful way to give your family the cleanest possible H20, and while a whole house reverse osmosis system sounds like it would be a great choice, it can be overkill, unnecessary and carry a high price tag. There are other water filtration systems that will fulfill your filtered water needs and allow you to still take advantage of RO water on a smaller scale.

What’s in your water?

The truth is most people are unaware of what lurks in their water. Good H20  means enjoying the refreshing liquid free from common toxins and pollutants, whether you’re quenching your thirst, washing dishes, taking a shower, feeding your pet, watering your plants or doing laundry.  We at The GoodFor Company feel so honored we can help you start your water wellness journey with our award-winning water systems.

What’s whole house RO filtration?

In order to understand why a reverse osmosis whole-home system is probably not your best bet, you need to understand what a reverse osmosis is and what it does.

Reverse osmosis systems are fairly simple, each system has what’s called a semipermeable membrane. This membrane lets water go through but blocks out ions and molecules. The system creates pressure, forces the water through the membrane, anything that’s larger than the holes in the semi-permiable membrane won’t fit and will get left behind and flushed down the drain while the proccessed water either goes to a storage tank or comes out directly through your faucet.

Reverse osmosis water filtration is amazing and very effective, however, due to the price, amongst other downfalls, you probably don’t need it throughout your entire house.

How does reverse osmosis work on a smaller scale?

Here’s an example of the Micromax 7000 that The GoodFor offers. It’s a four-stage, superior filter that easily mounts directly under the sink with no electricity required. You’ll enjoy the cleanest and best tasting water, 50+ gallons daily, you’ve ever had without the odor-causing hard water contaminants and minerals. 

You get the benefit of reverse osmosis filtered water in a compact system that’s out of the way, easy to install and easy to maintain. This is a great option to get the best quality drinking water since RO systems provide perfectly filtered drinking water. However, clean H20 for showering is one thing. and drinking H20 quality is another. Is it necessary to place a whole house reverse osmosis system throughout your entire house? Unless there’s a very specific problem with your water you are trying to solve, the answer is no.

Here’s an example of how the Micromax 7000 works:

  1. Prefiltration – water goes through a carbon activated filter that proceeds to remove any sediments and chemicals such as chlorine.
  2. Ultrafiltration – during the ultrafiltration stage cryptosporidium, giarida as well as other cysts that are as small as 1/10,000 of a micron is removed.
  3. Reverse Osmosis – bigger particles such as heavy metals like chromium and led are then striped away from the water using reverse osmosis.
  4. Storage – once contaminates have been stripped and removed from the water, the purified water is then stored in the storage tank.
  5. Postfiltration – after the filtration stage the water is ran through a block of carbon which than polishes the water all while removing any unpleasant odors or smells.

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What is point-of-use reverse osmosis versus a whole house reverse osmosis?

Instead of installing a reverse osmosis system for your entire house, which is unnecessary, you can install the most efficient whole home water filter, such as the Puronics Bright and Clear. RO is missing from this filter, but again, drinking water is different than water you shower and wash your clothes with. Depending on what’s in your water, the Bright and Clear will more than suffice and a reverse osmosis system may not be necessary.

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The most common contaminant in your water will be chlorine and chloramine and this is why the Puronics Bright and Clear is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a whole home reverse osmosis system. This system does everything you need it too as far as removing contaminants from your water.

Not only will you family benefit from the purified water generated by the Bright and Clear system, your pet & lawn, etc.. will also benefit.

What are the benefits of point-of-use Reverse Osmosis Set-Up?

  • Softer laundry and linens
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Better tasting and safer water
  • Spotless dishes and less soap
  • Longer lifespan for appliances

Does your home qualify for RO systems

In comparison, a whole house reverse osmosis system filters your entire home’s water through a reverse osmosis membrane.  Every drop of water in your home will go through this system, whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, your shower among other things. This system is usually needed for a specific water problem that affects your entire home. Otherwise, there are water systems with a much lower price tag.

As mentioned, while a whole house reverse osmosis system is quite effective, they’re not necessarily the best option for your entire home, despite the name. They’re known to waste more water than whole house filtration systems, so if your water test shows you would benefit from drinking RO water, the point-of-use reverse osmosis option, like the Micromax 7000, makes more sense.

What are the cons of a whole house reverse osmosis system?

We know that H20 filtered through reverse osmosis is the cleanest water you’ll find. We know it can remove contaminants such as arsenic and lead, however, these may not be as much of a concern if you’re not drinking it. If you have multiple water needs throughout your home, you’ll need to address those with different solutions.

In most cases, a whole house RO method is only necessary for a very specific water problem. To find out what’s in your water, your next step is to schedule your in-home water test with The GoodFor company.

Here are some cons of installing a whole house reverse osmosis system:

  •  They are very expensive
  • These systems have to be custom in order to tailor to your specifications
  • System performance is heavily dependant on water usage
  • There needs to be a pretreatment necessary to protect the RO membrane
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Some beneficial minerals, like magnesium and calcium,  are removed during the reverse osmosis process
  • Instead of trapping contaminants, RO systems send wastewater down the drain, wasting about 4 gallons of water per gallon made

What is a water softener system?

So in a nutshell, Puronic’s brand of water softeners use an ion exchange process. When hard water comes into contact with the system, it automatically scans the water for toxic minerals with sodium or potassium. Not only does this process remove contaminants like an RO set-up would, it also softens the water, removes any chlorine as well as bad taste and odors.

Does a softener system also filter?

Due to the fact that a water softener also provides you with pure uncontaminated water, you may not need a whole house water filtration system, except in the kitchen with a point-of-use reverse osmosis unit. It really all depends on what water problems you’re trying to solve.

If you have a hard water problem, here are the advantages of having a Puronics whole-house water conditioner, like our Hydronex iGen:


It’s our smartest and most efficient unit for your entire house. This unit reduces hard water, removes contaminants, and provides your entire house or business with healthy crystal clear water. So you can feel secure knowing the iGen monitoring system is keeping track of your water. 

  • Increases the lifespan of the water reliant systems in your house.
  • Removes any bad odor or taste from drinking water
  • Creates crystal clear water
  • Better for the oils in your hair and skin
  • Enjoy softer feeling laundry

A reverse osmosis filter for your entire house will not be a sufficient way to have it all and will not provide you with the soft water you may be seeking or needing with a softener.

Is a water softener or RO System better?

People really underestimate how costly it is to run a whole home reverse osmosis system. The amount of water it requires is ridiculous to the point that you can expect your water bill to increase dramatically.

RO systems are not designed for people who have hard water as consistently running hard water through an RO system will wear our the semipermeable membrane. This means you’ll be spending a lot of money constantly buying new membranes for your RO system.

95% of the time, you’re looking for a set-up that removes chemicals and heavy metals from the water. Therefore, a whole house water softener system is what you need. It’s the same concept as an RO system at a much cheaper price and far less maintenance.

The only time you’ll need a whole house RO unit is if your water has a strange taste or smell that is causes by other contaminants outside of mineral, chorine, etc..

You can install a point of use RO set-up which is perfect for example, the kitchen. The problem is only if you decided to install a whole house RO system as this is a “different beast” which can be more of a pain than what it’s worth.

Will a whole house RO unit save you money

With a “point of use” reverse osmosis systems, the cost of clean water is actually being reduced, however, if you install a RO system for the whole house you’re going to get a pretty high water bill, you’re actually wasting a lot of money due to the price and maintenance of a whole house RO unit.

Our whole-home water softening systems not only filters H20 but soften it as well for less than what a whole house reverse osmosis would cost. Spending the money on whole house reverse osmosis systems seems like a waste for anyone, when you can get the benefits of RO water with a point-of-use as a solution for water wellness.

You can take advantage of clean filtered water without wasting water like a whole house RO system would. A whole house softener has incredible benefits on its own and will save you money when it comes to protecting plumbing and appliances, clothing that will last longer, the energy that you are saving, eliminating bottled water.

When you add up the price of soaps, detergents, bottled water, cleansers you will save money on, the clear choice is a whole house filtration system, saving the reverse osmosis unit for the kitchen sink.

Clean water will benefit your loved ones and your environment

The quality of your H20 not only impacts what you’re putting in your body, but what you’re putting on your body.  Total water wellness is possible for you and your loved ones with our Puronics products. At The Goodfor Company, our advanced, built-in water filtration solutions eliminate harmful toxins and pollutants from your tap water, keeping your family safe from contaminants, enabling you to live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

To discover which filter systems would work best for your entire house, scheduling a call for a water test appointment or water test to be sent to your residence is your next step. You’ll discover a whole house RO option is not what you need and we will help you choose a filtered water system that’s right for you.

H20 creates wellness. Start your journey to a happier healthier life with The Goodfor Company.


Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of clean water?