What Is A Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System?

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May 24, 2020

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Having access to clean, clear and safe water is imperative to our world. A reverse osmosis system is the easiest and smartest way to remove contaminants from your water. With science in action, RO systems use reverse osmosis by pushing water through a semipermeable membrane that only allows the water through, and the contaminants are flushed down the drain.

A reverse osmosis system has several up sides, including:

  • Pure great tasting water
  • Elimination of most If not all contaminants
  • No more buying bottled water!
  • No shortage of drinking water especially during unexpected crises or pandemics.

What is Reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a process that removes contaminants from your water. Instead of moving from a high solution to an equal level, RO systems use water pressure to force a solution through a semipermeable membrane to a lower concentration. 

Pressure is then applied to the water to push it through the reverse osmosis membranes. Contaminant molecules are larger than water molecules, so only water can pass through a RO membrane. The water pressure helps to flush the removed contaminants down the drain while the water that’s been filtered is held in a storage tank.

This reverse osmosis process is carried out by a filtration system, creating the best possible water.  RO systems rely on filtering your water to rid it of contaminants.  In combination with a water softener, they use activated carbon filters to reduce the bad taste and odors caused by chlorine in your municipal water.

Water pressure, a sediment filter and carbon filtration are not everyday jargon, however, how they are a very important in regards to reverse osmosis RO. The reverse osmosis system process is quite amazing when you take a closer look and realize why it’s such an important step to staying healthy.

The reverse osmosis process will filter out impurities in your water.

How does Reverse osmosis systems work?

Reverse osmosis (RO) will filter out impurities through a membrane and produce outstanding drinking water.  This osmosis membrane is vital to the success of a reverse osmosis system. There is an abundance of chemicals used to treat water in most cities. While they are organic materials and within safety guidelines, chronic or long-term exposure to them can have longterm side effects.

There are multiple stages within the RO water filtration process:

Water purification stages of the Puronics reverse osmosis system


  • 5-micron carbon filter.
  • Removes most if not all sediments as small as 2/10,000 of an inch
  • Advanced de-chlorination and adsorption


  • Advanced filter which kills Cryptosporidium & Giardia when detected.
  • The system cleans itself from impurities.
  • Matter 1/10,000 of a micron is significantly reduced (if not completely eliminated).


  • Sodium, Selenium, Arsenic, Nitrates and Nitrites significantly reduced.
  • Copper, Hexavalent and Trivalent Chromium among other heavy metals are significantly reduced.
  • System safely disposes of impurites down the drain.
  • Filtered water is kept in a sterilized tank.


  • Water from the storage tank is passed through the carbon block.
  • Removes unpleasant taste and foul odors
  • You’re left with great tasting crystal clear water.

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What do reverse osmosis systems filter out

Taking a look at what reverse osmosis reduces and removes from drinking water will shed light on what’s actually in drinking water.

  • Arsenic – which has been linked to skin cancer and cardiovascular and nervous systems issues.
  • Cadmium – can cause long term kidney and liver damage as well as deplete your body of zinc, calcium and other high important minerals.
  • Chromium 6 – a known carcinogen highly toxic. Even small amounts can cause childbirth complications for pregnant women as well as stomach cancer, skin burns & pneumonia.
  • Lead – has been linked to brain & kidney damage as well as anemia and overall weakness and death among other things.
  • Nitrate/Nitrite – has been linked to methemoglobinemia (also known as blue baby syndrome) which typically effects babies under 6 months old.

When water is tested, many people are surprised as to what’s lurking in their water, but ignorance isn’t bliss. While not everyone’s water has all of these contaminants, a reverse osmosis system can reduce 99 percent of what you do have. A reverse osmosis system is the best method to increase the quality of your water.

Is it okay to drink reverse osmosis water?

Reverse osmosis water is absolutely the best out there to get water that’s clean for pennies on the dollar.  Here’s a typical journey of where your current tap water comes from:

Water that is filtered through an osmosis system is the best way to avoid having to live with this less-than-desirable water. There are reports that reverse RO systems not only strip water of the bad but can also remove the good. While some minerals may be destroyed during the RO process, water should never be considered a reliable source for these minerals to begin with. Vitamins and minerals like magnesium and calcium should be coming from the diet you are eating, consisting of fruits and vegetables, not the water you are consuming.

Unfortunately, not everyone eats the diet that they should be eating. There’s always the option to add an alkaline stage to a reverse osmosis system that will restore beneficial minerals that were removed during the reverse osmosis water purification process and raise the alkalinity. 

Higher PH water has many advantages to consider in addition to reverse osmosis water, such as improving hydration, supplementing nutrient levels in your body, balancing the pH levels in your water and of course amazing taste.

Are reverse osmosis systems worth the price?

If the goal is to significantly increase your water quality by filtering out harmful contaminants, providing a healthier lifestyle for yourself and family (including pets), purchasing a reverse osmosis system is the answer. RO systems filter all-natural and synthetic toxic substances, microbes, debris, and minerals.

When you drink water filtered through a reverse osmosis system unit, you’re getting 100 percent pure, high-quality drinking water that tastes great.

Reverse osmosis systems aren’t just limited to the water that is ingested, but the water you touch. Hands are dishes are washed numerous times a day.  Hair and bodies are cleansed just as frequently.

When water touches your skin, your skin then absorbs that water. Contaminants that are in your tap water can seep through your skin and into your cells, triggering and exacerbating allergens, amongst other conditions.

An added bonus to installing a reverse osmosis system is that even though the RO system is not a water conditioner, the RO water still removes the minerals in hard water creating soft water. Water spots on your dishes and glassware will decrease, scale buildup in your pipes and dishwashers and washing machines and water heater will work better and last longer.

Less soap, detergent and even lotion will be used since the natural oils in the skin won’t be stripped. This equates to more money in your pocket.

Not only will the water quality increase in your residence where the osmosis system has been installed, but wasteful water bottles will also disappear, water hassles will end such as the never-ending chore of refilling water pitchers and buying packs of bottled water will be a thing of the past. 

Pure water is an essential nutrient, the basis of fluids of all living organisms, and necessary to sustain all living organisms. Water has to be clean, free of contaminants, and microbes to prevent disease. Plain and simple.

Is reverse osmosis water better for you?

From softer skin to better digestion, to stronger hair, water is the most foundational part of anyone’s wellness efforts.

When a reverse osmosis filter is installed there will be noticeable changes:

  1. Better-tasting water from every tap
  2. Food and beverages prepared with RO water will taste better
  3. The need for bottled water will be eliminated.

Water is meant to be clear and void of bad smells.  An RO system will help filter out contaminants that cause discoloration, odor, chemicals, etc.. that are in your water.

To understand a reverse osmosis water system and truly understand what it does, how it does it and why, a look inside is a must.

The truth about the water in your home can be scary, however, getting educated about what can be done is imperative.  Understanding how the entire reverse osmosis system works, from the osmosis membrane to the carbon filter, sediment filter, storage tank and more, will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Reverse Osmosis systems have activated carbon filters to reduce dirt, dust and chlorine. It reduces waterborne parasites like that can cause serious problems. Toxic contaminants such as chromium, along with salt are reduced. The purified liquid is stored safely in the storage tank, the sterile environment.  The last layer of protection from your RO system decreases unpleasant tastes and orders, using a carbon filter to reduce dirt, rust, chlorine, etc…

Are RO water systems better for the environment?

A reverse osmosis system is more environmentally friendly than other water filtration systems and when you can get the freshest water right from your kitchen sink, there’s no need to use bottled.

There are many reverse osmosis systems available, depending on what water solutions are necessary. Some ‘green’ RO systems offer high-quality water without the need for special plumbing for wastewater.

Better Water = Better World

Climate change plays a large role in the quality of our drinking water supplies, sanitation, and food and energy production.  Bottled water is a huge drain on the environment.

  • Every year, Americans purchase 29 billion water bottles
  • Landfills are overflowing
  •  It takes up to 1,000 years for each bottle to decompose
  •  Harmful cancer-causing contaminants are being released into our environment

RO Water = Better World

When we can use fewer chemicals to clean, the better the world will be. RO systems produce H20 that makes cleaning sinks, faucets, tubs, and showers easier. Scrubbing scum and scale deposits are no longer a chore and no one has to breathe in harmful bleach-based cleaning supplies.

How much is a reverse osmosis system?

Investing in a reverse osmosis system is much more affordable then you might think.

At The Goodfor Co we make it easy, you can get you’re system for as little as $29 month.

With a reverse osmosis filtration system, you save money that would otherwise be spent on bottled water. Purified water should be accessible to everyone and money shouldn’t be the barrier standing between water and the well being of your loved ones.

The average household who is purchasing bottled water will spend twice the amount of money as a household with a RO system. Filtering your water is the best way to improve your health and your wallet. Say goodbye to wasteful plastic bottles, water delivery hassle, and the never-ending chore of refilling water pitchers.

The price of a reverse osmosis system depends on your exact needs. A whole-home water filtration, designed specifically for chlorine and chloramine removal is a dual-phase filter media treatment process that optimizes filtration for your municipal water supply. You will enjoy the benefit of safe, great-tasting, crystal-clear water. Pets will be healthy, along with the metal pipes throughout your house.

Which RO system should you choose?

If hard water is a problem, a filtration system with a home water conditioner included may be the best option such as the Micromax 7000. Over time, groundwater dissolves minerals like limestone and iron, causing water to become ‘hard’.  The spots on the glasses fresh out of the dishwasher, along with the stains on the shower door are good indicators that you have hard water.

Purchasing this system will give the necessary care needed for overall health and eliminate spots and stains caused by hard water.

The Puronics Mircomax 7000 water filtration system fits underneath your sink and provides clean, healthy drinking water without the use of plastic bottles or filtering water pitchers. This RO water system cheaper despite having twice the power compared to others on the market.

Some of the attributes of the Micromax 7000 is it:

  • Creates 50+ gallons of water daily
  • Eliminates need to replace water source with bottles
  • Promotes a healthy digestive system
  • Protects your fruits and veggies from absorbing toxic substances
  • Removes agricultural and industrial waste from your water
  • Kills bad odor and taste
  • Polishes your water to a sparkling clarity
  • Operates efficiently to lower costs

Hydration of hair and skin can be increased with the installation of an osmosis system. A RO shower head is a great way to reduce the effects of hard water and chlorine on hair and skin. The natural oils that come from hair and skin will return after having being stripped away for so long.

By treating the problem at the source, the tap, you’ll remove the need to buy plastic bottles annually. The money you’ll save from the 1000% markup on these bottles can be used somewhere more important. 

Do reverse osmosis systems require maintenance?

One factor of cost is the maintenance of your system. Committing to a reverse osmosis RO  and understanding the maintance for materials such as a sediment filter and carbon filters will prove the value.  Whether it’s replacement filters, osmosis membrane longevity, or the life of a storage tank and where the wastewater goes, purchasing an osmosis system will cost less to maintain, and be less of a hassle. In fact, pre- and post-filters should be changed every year, and the membrane should be changed every 3-5 years. 

In comparison with a filter system that comes with a refrigeration purchase, reverse osmosis four stage systems are far more superior. It’s recommended to change that filter every six months. When you choose a reverse osmosis system, it’s always cheaper in the long run. If you use a filtered pitcher, those filters need changing every few months. If you purchase bottled water because you don’t want to invest in a reverse osmosis system, you need to look at the numbers again.

The water pressure in your home is an important component to RO systems successfully functioning at their peak.  If the water pressure feeding a RO system is less than what’s needed, that system will produce less H20. The good news is there are ways to increase this pressure, which requires the aid of a plumber.

What is the impact of RO systems alternatives

  • Last year, Americans spent $31 billion on bottled water. 
  • By not optimizing drinking water, money is wasted while littering the earth
  • People are drinking water they think is good for them

There are plenty of filtration systems avilable, however not all utilize reverse osmosis. A reverse system that uses an osmosis membrane, along with water pressure and a storage tank is going to provide the best solutions for premier H20.

When the purchase of a reverse osmosis system has been decided, contacting a reputable company who only offers top of the line system options is an important step. While there are a lot of businesses whose systems promise carbon filtration and improved water, there is quite a bit of knowledge and assistance that should come along with your purchase. There will be questions once you start enjoying your RO water and those questions need to be answered by professionals who understand every aspect of a reverse osmosis system and who stand by their products and services.

What to look for in a reverse osmosis system retailer

At The Goodfor Company, we treat all customers like family and we pride ourselves in making the buying process as easy and as painless as possible. Unlike other suppliers, we provide lifetime support for all the systems purchased through us! We’ll help you with the installation proccess and everything you’ll need to get up and running in no time.

Our partnership with Puronics allows us to offer you amazing service.

  1. Industry-Best Warranty
  2. The Smart & Safe Choice
  3. OurEPA Registration

Each one of our Puronics solutions are registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, which means they are heavily tested and proven in providing you with a clean, safe water source. We take pride in providing the highest quality glass of water with every pour. 

What to look for in a reverse osmosis system product

Water Quality Association (WQA)

WQA is a non-profit International organizational water treatment trade association. WQA provides education and technical aid to its members as well as developing industry standards and testing protocols for water treatment systems to ensure:

  • Product Performance
  • Equipment Capacity
  • Legitimacy of Product Claims

Puronics® whole-house water softener filtration systems (Bacteriostatic and Chlorostatic® models) have been tested and Certified by WQA as to their quality and performance.

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Selected Puronics products have been tested and certified by the EPA for

  • Contaminant reduction
  • Compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Will a reverse osmosis system change my life?

The truth is a whole-home system is the only way to fully protect yourself from toxic contaminants found in our water today. When your water supply has been purified by the installation of a reverse osmosis system, there’ll be a noticeable difference in the water.

Wellness is definitely a journey and there’s always more we can all do to live happier and healthier. This journey starts with all of you and The GoodFor Company can provide you with the tools to get to your destination.

Water filtration from a reverse osmosis system allows you to enjoy the magic liquid that is needed for a healthy lifestyle. That’s H20 free from common pollutants, whether a thirst is being quenched, dishes are being washed, your skin is being scrubbed or laundry is being cleaned.

When your drinking water filter removes harmful toxins, the different taste and odor is evident.

No more trips to the grocery store to purchase single-use plastic bottles with water that is less than perfect.

Call to arrange for your free in-home water test kit to learn what’s in your water and the reverse osmosis system solutions available.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of clean water?