What Are You Thankful For?

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October 31, 2019


As Thanksgiving is fast approaching to kick off the holiday season, we wanted to take some time to reflect on what we’re thankful for. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with negativity when we think about the state of the world some days, and all of the issues that seem endless – environmental, political, economical, plenty to choose from! That being said, there are tons of innovators and change makers amongst us who are working to better the planet, and those are whom we would like to shine the spotlight on. As it turns out, we have lots to be thankful for.

We’re Thankful for More Trees

One Tree Planted, together with local partners and supporters, planted 101,530 trees over 460 acres in Mendocino, California, to promote forest fire recovery. The devastating Redwood Valley fire in 2017 destroyed nearly everything in its path, including homes, businesses, and the forest home to many species of wildlife. Forests have many benefits: the tree roots grow deep to help stabilize the soil, tree roots help circulating water by absorbing and then passing it down through the roots to our water table, and the trees help to convert carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe.

We’re Thankful for Climate Action

It’s been a huge year for spreading awareness on climate change. Whether or not you agree with or support Greta Thunberg, you can’t deny that you aren’t talking about climate change in some capacity. Earlier this year in April, New York City passed legislation to actively fight climate change – the Climate Mobilization Act, which stipulates that buildings larger than 25,000 square feet need to reduce their greenhouse emissions by 40% by 2030, and more than 80% by 2050. Here’s hoping that other cities see this progress, and want to join in.

We’re Thankful for Ditching Single Use Plastics

More and more people are saying no to straws, plastic cutlery, and plastic water bottles than ever before. Why? Because we’re finally recognizing how wasteful single use plastics are, and it takes one tiny change in our routine (leave some cutlery at your desk! Use a metal straw! Bring a travel mug or glass bottle!) to make a big impact on the environment. Water is a big one for us, of course, and we can understand the desire for trustworthy, clean water. But why does it need to be in a plastic bottle that you’re going to discard!? Home filtration systems are a great way to get that peace of mind, while also doing your part to reduce single use plastics – so let’s get started!

What are we Most Thankful for?

We’re most thankful that there is so much new conversation around environmental issues, and that people are getting angry about pollution and toxins. People are finally saying that this is NOT ok, and demanding change – for all kinds of reasons. For their kids’ futures, for their health, for their pets’ health! We want to know what motivates you to make healthier choices and what you’re thankful for – what’s your #goodfor? Share it with us over on Instagram and Facebook!


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