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Tackles Hard Water Like No Other Soft water System

Looking for the best whole house water softener system for Houston?

The Puronics Hydronex iGen water softener systems remove everything like magnesium (the bad kind) along with any other toxins found in Houston tap water since any contaminants in our lakes and rivers (from pollution, illegal dumping, etc.) come into direct contact with our drinking water. It also protects your home appliances & plumbing from rust!

How Does It Work To Remove Hard water?

As the water enters the water softener tank in the Hydronex iGen, it passes over small plastic resin beads, which are charged with a sodium ion. The sodium ions carry a negative charge, and the magnesium and calcium carry a positive charge. The positively charged ions are stronger, so the sodium ions swap places with them, which then collect in the resin beads and finally enters your home.

There Is No Better Water purification System Than The Puronics System!

  • Puronics has been providing quality products & services since 1947, so not only are they one of the oldest home water softeners equipment manufacturers out.
  • They’ve perfected their products over the course of 73 years they’ve been in business and has become a household name.
  • All systems are manufactured in the USA with quality components.
  • The Puronics name is associated with reliability & happy customers.
  • Easy installation by any plumber.

Easy Payments + FREE Water Test

We offer monthly payments that make it so anyone can afford the highly recommend Puronics system with easy affordable monthly payments.

We also provide FREE testing of your water supply for all Houston residents (and surrounding areas), simply schedule an appointment and one of our experts we’ll come out and test your water.

To schedule your appointment please visit: https://www.thegoodforco.com/wholehome

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