Top 3 Best Reverse Osmosis Systems (Reviews)

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June 16, 2020

Osmosis occurs in our body naturally and has been doing so since days of longisquama. However, in 1748, a French clergyman by the name of Jean-Antoine Nollet used a membrane of pig’s bladder to show that the solvent of water could flow from low concentration of fluid to higher solution in alcohol. Nollet was also a pretty weird dude in the sense that he performed other bizarre things such as transmitting electricity through 140 royal courtiers before the King of France and measuring the speed of electricity passing through a chain of two hundred monks with a wire connecting them. On another occasion, he suspended a young man from the ceiling with insulated cords and built up charges in an epic experiment dubbed as “Electric Boy”!

Unless you want to dazzle your audience in the next Thanksgiving dinner with such obscurities, the reason why this gentleman is important in history (and our story) is because in the process of his pig-bladder performance, he discovered reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis is the core of the water filtration system. And a high-quality, water-filtration product is indispensable for your home or office. Even more so if you are a vendor or owner of a resort. Not only is it necessary to remove your water from contaminants, granular deposits, pathogens and harmful minerals, but a good, high-quality system will significantly enhance your beverage and food from a simple sip of drinking water to the aroma of coffee or taste in cooking.

Whether you are a first-time buyer of a reverse osmosis system and a water softener or looking to upgrade your system, the following 7 important questions are rules of thumb to consider:

1. Why? (What is the primary reason for purchase?);

2. What is the source of water? (Common sources other than the municipal system being open bodies of water such as oceans and lakes; wells; highly salinated sources such as seawater or brackish water, etc);

3. What is the water pressure at home?;

4. How much is the demand for water?;

5. How much will it cost to purchase the system? (Your budget);

6. What style of unit do you prefer?;

7. Installation.

Over the years I have used many filtration systems that utilize reverse osmosis and here are three of my preferred products both for residential and commercial usage.

1) MICROMAX 7000

My go-to purchase when it comes to the selecting best reverse osmosis equipment is Micromax 7000 from Puronics. Puronics is one of the leading water treatment equipment manufacturers based in Livermore, California.

Other than the spark of clean and crystal clear great-tasting water, some fantastic attributes set the 7000 apart far and high from its competitors such as Apec or GE.

First of all, it has patented cartridges that shut off the water when it needs replacement. Even if you are not a RO nerd, trust me this will save a lot of hassle in the long run. Finding the required water pressure can be tricky. Luckily it operates on household water pressure without any electricity. People sometimes tell me, “…but it’s only a RO system!” Well unless you dabble in pu-erh tea, then a tea ceremony is “only a tea ceremony.” I am very particular about the device I use.

The simple reason is this: water is life. We are water. Earth is 71% water. According to the consumer report, Americans spent $31 billion on bottled water in 2018. In fact every single second, 1,000 people open a bottle of water in the U.S.! Not only that Americans purchase 29 billion water bottles every year. Thus the simple act of the perfect valve in your filtration can affect a butterfly’s flutter of wings to Madagascar weather. If we can be more environmentally conscious, then why not? Landfills are overflowing and it takes up to 1000 years for each bottle to decompose. How’s that for a stat! Plus noxious contaminants are released into our environment when that happens. Thus it is no brainer opting for the water filter, which is crème de la crème in the market, is the best way to go about being a little more green this year.

Also, the Kitchen Faucet Adapter is godsend if you think about it when it comes to micromanagement and details for the easy connection it brings to the cold water supply cutting the necessary needle valves or another hefty extra for plumbing. As for the nitty-gritty details, Micromax 7000 uses a four-stage drinking water solution. Their carbon filter protects the entire system by removing harmful dirt, toxic rust, and built-up residual sediments as small as 2/10000 of an inch! Thus, no matter how microscopic are the materials detected in your drinking water, it takes care of them. Pronto!

Your drinking water should be just that. Pure drinking water. You wouldn’t want to open the tap and drink a mug full of sludge. Okay, I kid. Yes, I exaggerated, but have you ever looked at your water under a microscope lens? Trust me, you will think twice if you were unsure as to the source once you identified a semblance of cryptosporidium and giardia like Antonie van Leeuwenhoek himself!

The technology also maximizes contact time with “filter media for dechlorination with effective adsorption”. Adsorption is basically the glue-effect of atomic molecules, in layman’s terms. Or quite simply put, the adhesive nature which binds the particles together in a liquid. (Think adsorption = adhesive!)

Its top-grade UF technology takes care of it as well as other waterborne cysts. As far as the impurities are concerned, its unique filter also reduces arsenic sodium, selenium, lead copper, cadmium, nitrates and nitrites, and hexavalent and trivalent chromium and other compounds which you really should not need in your system. Then it stores the processed water in a sealed and sterilized tank.

The fourth and final step is the activated carbon block absorption where water passes through a high-grade carbon block that takes care of unpleasant tastes and smells eliminating compounds like carbofuran, toxaphene, para-dichlorobenzene, and ortho-dichlorobenzene and other unmentionables and unutterables(!).

In short? It’s good.

Yes, I never spoke RO 5 years ago when I first started out. The result after this smorgasbord of four-stage steps: the finest, cleanest, crystal clear pristine water which your body deserves. And your family, especially if yours is expecting a swan drop anytime soon!

You might think I am going overboard, but when you are passionate about your drinking water as much as I am, all these finer, nuanced degrees and gradations matter. Hey, Usain Bolt wouldn’t be Usain Bolt if it wasn’t for hair’s breadth margin of separation from his competitors. Especially if you are expecting an extra zing in your cup of coffee!

As far as budget, a little word or two. It varies household to household and many factors such as the source of water – whether it from your local municipal or an artesian well- the specific water pressure at your home or office, and other factors might play a role but I got mine for a nifty $29 a month. The ancillary point of creating 50 gallons a day is not moot either.

There is one minor caveat. The installation. Unless you are a plumber, either a professional or a Sunday Home Depot dude with a dad bod who likes to sport an “I Got Hammered” t-shirt, then you need a technician to install it. Especially if you are a sweet 65-year-old grandma then the last thing you want is a pool of water all under your kitchen sink having mistakenly drilled the wrong hole in the trap losing the flushing kit for the membrane. Then again no offense to our grandmas out there. After all, Queen Elizabeth II is a car mechanic, and she is a monarch for crying out loud!

However, it comes to such sensitive projects, it is far wise to handover the pipe wrench to an expert and you retain the scepter no matter what profession you are a queen or king of!

2) MICROMAX 6500

When it comes to the silver medal, Puronics’ Micromax 6500 easily takes the cake. The chief difference between this and the 7000 is the fact it takes a 5-stage process to filter water. It is equipped with a filter cartridge. Stylistically, if you were to ask me, I find this sleeker in terms of design than Micromax 7000. Slender, stylish, and perfect for home due to its budget and low maintenance.

It possesses three important qualities as the previous one: 1. Durability, 2. Efficiency and the third one being, it carries the gold standard of the trifecta of possessing certification by the Water Quality Association, NSF, and EPA.  Just like their other products, they are also FDA-approved.

The technicians at The Goodfor Company will breeze through the installation process leaving you hassle-free after providing the quote.

Now allow me to take you through the steps on how the filtration is carried out. First, it undergoes a preliminary but important mechanical filtration via the technology of carbon block. Think of a sieve and the old school ways of filtering water! You had your bigger rocks layered with smaller pebbles until layers of finer and finer gravels were placed underneath. (Now that you know it, thank me later when you are stranded in a jungle somewhere and need to use this crude form of filtration which may very well save your life!) Whereas this primitive technology may have been used by our ancestors, Micromax has taken this thousands of times to the extreme (actually, this is no exaggeration since the filtration removes sediments as minute as 2/10000 of an inch) and has been, wait for it… refined to the finest distillation with smart technology to make the entire process invisible to the ones uninitiated to the science of it!

Whereas the first stage in Micromax 7000 accompanies dechlorination adsorption, this one uses an extra step for this process. In the third and fourth stages, just like the previous technology, it gets rid of those horrible and disgusting materials through an ultrafiltration system that eradicates agents as minute as 1/10000 of a micron. To give an idea of how mind-bogglingly small this is, consider a human hair which is between 10 microns and 100 microns in diameter. I think it is pretty safe to say it will leave no particle ‘unturned’.

Stage 4 puts reverse osmosis in the reverse osmosis system, for now, we enter the meaty part of the whole process. Micromax 6500 utilizes a membrane in this step to remove those good ol’ hexavalent and trivalent chromium, which you should remember from the first review. That is because I know we all slept through Mrs. Algerson’s Chem 100F in college! However, it does more. In a classic 1-2 punch combo, it also ‘knocks’ out harmful radioactive chemicals like barium and radium.

Finally, in the last step, it goes through the familiar carbon block adsorption reducing organic compound to serve you the finest distilled water as if a gourmet chef himself brought in a sparkling goblet on a silver tray in a tux!

Verdict? Both of these are great. However, although it is reliable in terms of durability, if I were to choose between residential and commercial usage or any other relatively low-key places such as a wedding or an event, then I would choose this leaving the former for the breakfast dispensary in a 5-star hotel, or at your corporate break room. They both match the budget and as mentioned pass the gold standard in terms of certification, but at the end of the day the difference boils down to your taste between a Maserati and a Mercedes Benz.

3) MICROMAX 6000

Just like the first two appliances, this can be installed under a sink or connected to an icemaker. Should you choose to install it in the basement or any other place, make sure it is not affected by the temperature especially if you live at any place where it reaches freezing temperature. The area must be free from being damaged. Although I never personally experienced any problems, it is better to take precautionary measures! Also, you may need extra fittings such as tubings or other hardware if you install it in the basement or other remote locations. Again, just with the first two, you should definitely leave it up to the experts for installation. It utilizes a 4-stage filtration process and the cartridges are easy to replace without using tools and it takes less than a minute. There are essentially three types of cartridges: pre-filter, membrane, and post-filter.

As previously discussed, the 4-stage process involves: 1. Mechanical Filtration, 2. Ultrafiltration, 3. Reverse Osmosis and 4. Carbon Block Adsorption. It is equipped with an automatic shut off system;it is both FDA and NSF compliant. It creates 35 gallons of water daily. Maintenance is required for ease of optimal function in the long run.

Although all three of them meet criteria in terms of durability and taste and smell of odor of the water, I would rather use Micromax 7000 for commercial usage or at office settings and the rest for home.

Not to harp on the same tune, but all of these three products adjust automatically to the household pressure. This helps as most of us are not walking around uttering the mantra of Pascal’s law or for that matter, what was the last gauge of PSI when we twisted the tap last hour. But in case you are interested, residential water pressure varies anywhere from 45 to 80 psi and these bad boys will automatically do the math for you!

The technicians at the Goodfor Company are extremely professional and efficient when conducting the preliminary consultation.

In terms of budget, they are all affordable on a long-term monthly basis, however, depending on usage I would not replace Micromax 7000 with the 6000 should your business depend on it. If you are really eyeing that Cordon Bleu or a Master Chef audition, then it needs not mentioning which is the ideal tool for the job.

The first two are easily the de rigueur choice to enhance beverage if you are into juicing and to accentuate the aroma in tea, if not to ensure your infant’s baby formula is made with the topmost quality of water. However, if I were to select water for aquariums and plants then I would opt for this third option. By now you are conscious of the fact that even if you were to exclude Micromax 7000 and Micromax 6500, you would save a huge amount of dough even if you invested in MM6000 as globally you will leave a more lasting impact and footprint – by precisely leaving none! It also cannot be overstated the environmental damage that a single bottle creates from manufacturing to the decomposition of such material.

Another point I forgot to mention is the patented Silvershield technology used by Puronics to fight microbes and biofilm. Silver is totally safe with no toxic effects. The proprietary filter of Micromax 6000 contains microscopic silver ions that do a much better job than chlorine, ammonia, or other alcohol-based antimicrobials.

To wrap up, choose the right filtration system depending on your needs, usage, and budget. If you live in a non-municipal location where you do not know whether the water gets contaminated from dirt, sand, mud, lead, arsenic, radioactive material or other toxic and poisonous substances through the pipeline, then you should not put yourself or your family at risk especially with a newborn at home. It is essential to invest in one of these cool, simple, and sleek yet effective gadgets.

So far, I never experienced any faults of dissatisfactions with any of these devices and yes, discernibly, the taste and smell of my morning coffee are different…and for the better. As are my fresh veggies and the vegan smoothies. Sure, the installation is a hassle and you need to set aside a few hours for the appointment with the technician, but it is the only bitter pill to swallow for a lifetime of healthy living. The long term benefits and a step towards a healthy lifestyle far outweigh the necessary evil.

There is another muted factor oft-overlooked. The fact that you have to carry 5-gallon containers or crates full of bottles every month during your grocery! If you are someone who is at a disadvantage due to complexities of age, any form of disabilities, or even plain human who is tired carrying heavy loads up flights of stairs like Atlas carrying the world on his shoulder, then it is only reasonable you should invest in a filtration system. And since you should, might as well bank in something reliable and top of the grade. Right?

Personally, I always struggled to hit my daily quota of adequate water requirements. I was that person who found it much easier to pop a soda can or energy drink than walk to the fridge and pour myself a cup of water from a gallon of bottle. The drudgery I know! But, and it may seem insignificant, the simple act of investing in this high-quality product compelled me to ditch the sugary drinks and sodas and opt for a cleaner and pure option making healthy habits.

I hope you do the same. Here a toast to your new selection and wellness journey wishing you a more peaceful life. Bon Appétit!

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of clean water?