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The city of San Diego gives water a seal of approval on safety standards, but many San Diegans have decided that that’s not quite enough when it comes to good quality water, and have invested in reverse osmosis systems to purify their tap water. Installing a reverse osmosis water filter, like the Puronics MicroMax 7000 reverse osmosis system which will give you noticeably cleaner drinking water, better-tasting water for cooking with and will filter out the contaminants and chemicals that you want to get rid of.

How Does The Puronics MicroMax Reverse osmosis System Work?

In the Puronics MicroMax series, the process of reverse osmosis uses pressure to force the San Diego water through a semi-permeable activated carbon filter. This activated carbon filter catches large particles and minerals, like calcium and magnesium, which contaminate your drinking water. The benefit of the carbon filter with the MicroMax series is that it’s a natural substance, so you’re not adding any futher toxins into your drinking supply with a Puronics reverse osmosis system.

The purified water collects in a small reservoir tank, so that anytime you want clear, clean water, you have a fresh supply at your finger tips. A separate dispenser spout is installed on your countertop for easy access. You’ll definitely notice a difference in the quality of the water treated with a MicroMax 7000 filtration system – it’s completely odorless, as the minerals and chlorine have been stripped away, making your water, morning coffee or tea taste that much better.

How Do I Choose the Water purification System That’s Best For Me?

The Puronics MicroMax series has a few different options, and at The Goodfor Company, we recommend the MicroMax 7000 filter or the MicroMax 6500 filter. Both devices have the same functionality, and will both produce sparkling clean great tasting water – it mostly depends on your storage capacity in your home or condo.

The MicroMax 6500 reverse osmosis filtration system is very slim, which makes it ideal for smaller spaces like apartments and condos where space is always at a premium, and it offers an additional filtration step for the purest, cleanest water possible.

The MicroMax 6500 also operates on the household water pressure, and requires no electricity. The MicroMax 7000 reverse osmosis filtration system base is slightly larger, but still compact enough to fit beneath your kitchen sink. The high-quality design of the system ensures that your family has clean drinking water for years to come. This device is also electricity-free, so you won’t have to worry about your bills skyrocketing. Both are designed to tuck away easily under your sink, so you don’t have to start reimaging your kitchen with a big, bulky appliance.

If you are looking for a solution for your whole house then check out the Puronics Hydronex:

Eco-Friendly Perks of Reverse osmosis Filtration Systems

By installing a MicroMax reverse osmosis water filtration system in your home you can use reusable water bottles to take pure water with you throughout your day. Better tasting coffee might make you more inclined to brew your own at home, too! Reducing your single-use plastics is more important than ever and by installing a Puronics MicroMax reverse osmosis water filtration system, you’ll be making a significant step towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle as well as saving yourself some money each month.

Can I Just Use a Water filter Pitcher In My Refrigerator?

Simply put, typical water filters just aren’t effective enough to clean San Diego’s mineral-rich water, whereas Puronics MicroMax reverse osmosis filtration systems prove to be up to the task. Refrigerator pitchers do remove some contaminants but are really just improving the water odor rather than actually treating it. Ultimately, would you rather mask a bad smell, or just remove it altogether?  If you’re only filtering out some of the contaminants in your water, you’re ultimately still drinking contaminated “filtered water” that can make you sick – so why bother wasting money buying the filters in the first place?

If they’re left for too long, they can start to disintegrate. So not only are you no longer filtering the tap water but now you’re drinking filtered water with bits of the compounds that you were trying to get rid of in the first place. We’ve all seen those little flecks in a pitcher filter – yikes!

Advanced Semipermeable membrane

A Puronics MicroMax 6500 or 7000 reverse osmosis drinking water system does have a filter, yes, but it only needs to be changed once per year in order to remain effective. Each Puronics reverse osmosis system is designed to fit underneath your kitchen sink.

Is a Puronics Reverse osmosis Water Filtration System Expensive?

At The Goodfor Company, we understand that maintaining a home is expensive – we have young families, too! Think about how much money you spend each month on bottled water for yourself and your kids – we’re guessing it adds up to higher than you were originally thinking, and that’s money that you’re already spending. What if you just reallocated those funds to invest in a more longterm solution?

If the upfront cost of investing in a Puronics MicroMax water filtration system still feels like too much, consider The Goodfor Company’s subscription service. You’ll pay a flat monthly fee for your Puronics reverse osmosis system, and the cost is inclusive of installation and any repairs the MicroMax device may require – you probably won’t run into any need for repairs, but it’s good to know someone has your back!

In San Diego the cost for a monthly subscription for a MicroMax 7000 unit is $85 per month – compare that to your tally on bottled water expenses, and remember you can also use your sparkly clean water for making drinks and cooking. Ultimately, investing in quality water means investing in your health and the health of the planet, and that’s something we’re proud to be apart of.

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