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The Reverse Osmosis Explanation For Kids: A Simple Guide To Water Filtration Wellness

Hi! You’re probably here to learn some basics about Reverse Osmosis (as low as $29 a month). Luckily, we’re here to help. If you want a more advanced version of the explanation of Reverse Osmosis, then please head to this article that outlines exactly what Reverse Osmosis (or “R.O.”) really is. It uses terms that’ll take a little more learning, but if you’re up for it, we’re right there with you. If not, then this approach is a really great place to start.

If you’re really good at anything, or if there’s anything you love doing, and it can help the world, then it’s your superpower. And it’s your responsibility to use that superpower and to help other people with it. Just like Superman, Spider-Man, or even Batman. You don’t have to be able to fly or shoot webs or have super-strength to have a superpower; much like Batman, all you need is whatever you’re good at!

If drawing is your superpower, then draw away, and try to find ways that your drawings can help other people use their superpowers too. Support your friends and other people. If sports are your superpower, well, then, people need to smile, and watching you play with do that for people, so use that superpower if you have it. If science is your superpower, like it is for us, then please use this info to help your friends understand something that will affect their health for the rest of their lives.

The info:

Clean water is something that a lot of people on earth don’t have. Some of them—even people who live in the United States—get sick just by drinking the water that comes out of the faucet. So, since we have all the advantages of our superpowers at our fingertips, let’s use them to help humanity. If everyone does their part, then we can all work together, with all of our superpowers, helping other people’s superpowers for the greater good. Just like The Avengers. If Captain America and Thor didn’t work together, then they wouldn’t defeat any of the major bad guys that want to destroy the world. And, unfortunately, we have lots of hidden villains among us like: pollution, chemicals, and bacteria, all hiding in our water supply, depending on where you live.

Reverse Osmosis (or RO) is here to help, and it’s here to take all the heavy lifting off our shoulders, we just have to make friends with this science, and help our friends do the same thing. If you’re hearing the term Reverse Osmosis here for the first time, then you’re in luck, because we’ve got really easy ways to think about this, and to explain it to other people to help spread the word.

And yes, drinking water isn’t as fun as drinking soda, juice, or whatever is in your lunch every day. But it is very important, since a lot of countries don’t have the advantages that we have as far as safety goes, and And that’s not good.

Plastic pollution hurts the environment in some really sad ways:

  • Our friend the sea turtle loves to eat jellyfish, because they have all the stuff a turtle needs to keep goin’, and clear plastic bottles sometimes look like jellyfish. This can choke and possibly kill a sea turtle. Over 700 different kinds of sea animals have been hurt by our plastic water bottle pollution problem. We can each do our part to make sure we keep sea turtles safe, and that’s where you come in. Switching to carrying your own reusable water bottle around with you can actually save lives. And that’s just one way you can use that superpower.

  • 50% of the plastic we throw away, we use just once, and then throw it into the garbage dumps, and they tend to end up in the ocean.

  • BPA” is a chemical you’re exposed to when you use commercially-made plastic, meaning that whenever you open a can, eat out of something plastic, there are chemicals that could be bad for you. This should be avoided whenever possible. It’s still okay to do, but you should limit your use of plastic as much as possible, because it has led to some behavioral changes in adults, heart disease, and it can even affect some people’s ability to have kids. That’s where we can use our superpower R.O. to save the day. Drinking water that’s gone through R.O. can almost completely eliminate BPA in drinking water.

What you can do about it:

Cut down on plastic. Another great reason to use your power as a water drinker, and arguably the one thing you can do where you’re truly saving the world, is cutting down, or completely eliminating, plastic pollution from your daily life.

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Are Brita filters the solution?….

You’re aware of Brita filters, right? Lots of your friends have them. They “purify” the water from the faucet so that it’s safe to drink. Or so we thought a long time ago. Well, it turns out, that Brita filters really aren’t that great at purifying water. They leave all kinds of nasty stuff behind that can hurt you. So the answer is that they are a solution, but they are not the best one.

What pitcher-based water filters can do:

  • They eliminate some toxins, some that are potentially cancerous, but not all of them.

  • They make the water taste better (which does very little when it comes to your health, it’s just a taste thing, which in the end doesn’t really affect your health).

  • They need to be replaced constantly, and if you don’t do it at least once a month, it’s actually worse for you than tap water, on average. And you don’t want your friends drinking water that isn’t the safest water it can possibly be.

What Reverse Osmosis does:

  • Reverse Osmosis (or RO) takes all unwanted molecules out of the water and locks them out so they can’t get into the water that you drink every day.

  • It takes away some healthy minerals, but you’re already getting plenty of those in vitamins and in your food. The risk with relatively-unsafe drinking water are far greater than the usually-necessary step of taking your vitamins every day. Make sure to take your vitamins every day.

  • RO will make your water not only taste and smell great, but it will actually get rid of more toxins and stuff that’s bad for you than any other filtration system does.

The system is built right into your faucets by an expert that comes to your house to help out.

This means that you don’t have to refill the pitcher ever again. Like, the words “can you refill the Brita, please?” will never interrupt anything you’re doing ever again. You’re free to do whatever you want with your life that doesn’t involve water (while also, of course, drinking plenty of water every day).

RO keeps your family safe from potentially dangerous by-products that your local water supply may be putting out. Sometimes it’s out of the government’s hands and it’s all about your local environment. Every environment is different, which is why systems like ours test your water, and create a “water profile” that fits your family’s needs. (Yes, even your brothers’ and sisters’ needs.)

Now, we don’t care if you don’t use our filtration system, which you can find more info on here, but we do care that you are healthy and well. So, please share this information with any friends you have that drink out of Brita filters, tell their parents, tell *your* parents, and if you’re a parent, tell your kids. Parents, you know this already, but getting your kids excited about something is really the only way to keep anything alive and going in any home. We all know who’s really in charge (hint: it’s your kids).

That’s how we can use RO as a superpower to help everyone else discover, learn to use, and ultimately help make the world a better place with their superpowers.

Text everyone this very article, post it on their FB, put it in your Snaps and Stories, tweet it, make an entire Tik Tok about water wellness (#goodfor), and just do whatever you need to so that people know how to be healthier.

If you want even more information about the Reverse Osmosis system, you can read this article too.

Keep drinking enough water, be well, and happy hydrating!