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In Houston when you turn on your faucet, you’ll definitely notice the chlorine smell coming from your tap water – so what else is in there, besides chemicals? A whole host of industrial and natural contaminants, since most of Houston’s water supply – 86% to be exact – comes from lakes and rivers, which helps to explain the high demand for reverse osmosis water treatment systems like the Puronics MicroMax series in homes and businesses alike. Installing a reverse osmosis water system, like the MicroMax 7000 (Click Here) is all you need to get noticeably cleaner, better tasting water for drinking and cooking with and will filter out the nasty toxins that you definitely don’t want in your water.

How Does Reverse osmosis MicroMax Series Work?

The MicroMax series, reverse osmosis water system,  works by forcing the Houston water supply through a semi-permeable activated carbon filter, which catches large particles and minerals that contaminate your drinking water. The activated carbon filter is safe and chemical free, so you’re not adding anything dangerous back into your drinking water with any of the Puronics devices. The purified water (soft water) collects in a tank as a reservoir, so you don’t run the risk of running out, and is dispensed through a spout that sits on your counter for quick and easy access. The lack of mineral and chemical content means that you wont have any funky taste or odor in your water – your drinking water will taste better, and so will your morning coffee and your pasta noodles.

In Houston especially, chlorine is added in water treatment plants to kill any organic compounds or bacteria that are in the water supply because the water is largely coming from natural reservoirs. While its use is has good intentions, current research is suggesting that high levels of chlorine consumption are actually bad for us – so it’s best to filter that out, along with the natural contaminants with a MicroMax 7000 or 6500 reverse osmosis system.

How Do I Choose the Best System?

The Puronics MicroMax series has a few different options, and at the GoodFor we recommend the MicroMax 7000 filter, or the MicroMax 6500 filter. Both devices have similar properties, and will both produce sparkling clean water – it just depends on how much space you have under your sink! The MicroMax 6500 reverse osmosis system is very slim, perfect for small spaces such as apartments and condos (we know it’s hard enough to fit everything you need into a small kitchen!), and offers an additional filtration step for the purest water possible. The MicroMax 6500 operates on the household water pressure, and requires no electricity. The MicroMax 7000 reverse osmosis system is slightly larger, but still compact enough to fit beneath your kitchen sink. The high quality design of the system ensures that your family has clean drinking water for years to come. This device is electricity-free, so you won’t have to worry about your bills skyrocketing.

Tackles Hard Water Like No Other Soft water System

Looking for the best whole house water softener system for Houston?

The Puronics Hydronex iGen water softener systems remove everything like magnesium (the bad kind) along with any other toxins found in Houston tap water since any contaminants in our lakes and rivers (from pollution, illegal dumping, etc.) come into direct contact with our drinking water. It also protects your home appliances & plumbing from rust!

How Does It Work To Remove Hard water?

As the water enters the water softener tank in the Hydronex iGen, it passes over small plastic resin beads, which are charged with a sodium ion. The sodium ions carry a negative charge, and the magnesium and calcium carry a positive charge. The positively charged ions are stronger, so the sodium ions swap places with them, which then collect in the resin beads and finally enters your home.

There Is No Better Water purification System Than The Puronics System!

  • Puronics has been providing quality products & services since 1947, so they are one of the oldest san diego water softener equipment manufacturers around.
  • They’ve perfected their products over the course of 73 years they’ve been in business and has become a household name.
  • All systems are manufactured in the USA with quality components.
  • The Puronics name is associated with reliability & happy customers.
  • Easy installation by any plumber.

Benefits of Reverse osmosis Water purification Systems

If better taste and smell for your drinking water weren’t big enough motivators for you, consider your impact on the environment when you drink store-bought water. If the entire population of Houston drinks one bottle of water each day to avoid their tap water, that’s nearly 2.5 million plastic bottles consumed. If we’re supposed to be drinking eight glasses of water each day, that math is looking pretty scary. By installing a MicroMax reverse osmosis water filtration system at your home or business, you can use reusable water bottles to take pure water with you to the office and the gym, for your kids to bring to school, soccer practice and dance classes. Reducing your single use plastics is more important than ever in the face of climate change, and by installing the MicroMax reverse osmosis water filtration system, you’ll be making a real difference as well as saving yourself some money each month.

The Power of Semipermeable membrane Technology Compared

Water pitcher filtration units are simply not effective for cleaning Houston TX water as Puronics reverse osmosis filtration units. The key difference between the two is that refrigerator pitcher filters improve the taste and odor from your water, where a MicroMax filtration system will remove the taste and odor via Semipermeable membrane. Reverse osmosis drinking water system are superior because the end result is a much cleaner product. If you’re only filtering out some of the contaminants, you’re ultimately still drinking contaminated water that can make you sick – so why bother wasting money buying the filters in the first place?

Is a Puronics Reverse Osmosis Water filter System Expensive?

At the GoodFor Company, we understand that maintaining a home gets expensive – we have young families, too! Take a moment to think about how much money you spend each month on bottled water for yourself and your kids – we’re guessing it adds up to higher than you were originally thinking. If the upfront cost of investing in a Puronics MicroMax water filtration system still feels like too much, consider the GoodFor Company’s subscription service.

You’ll pay a flat monthly fee for your Puronics water treatment unit, and the cost is inclusive of installation and any repairs the MicroMax device may require – you probably won’t run into any need for repairs, but it’s good to know someone has your back! In Houston TX the cost for a monthly subscription for a MicroMax 7000 unit is $85 per month – compare that to your tally on store-bought water expenses, and remember you can also use your sparkly clean water for making drinks and cooking.

Ultimately, investing in quality soft water systems means investing in your health and the health of the planet, and that’s something we’re proud to be apart of.

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