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Hydronex iGen

**Whole-home systems vary in pricing due to:

  • Your location
  • The water composition in your home
  • The size of your home

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Whole-Home Water Softening System

Over time, groundwater dissolves minerals and metals (like limestone and iron), causing your home’s water to become ‘hard’. This affects the inside of your body, and hard water can negatively impact your home’s plumbing, your appliances, and prevent you from getting clean from a shower or bath. Our patented whole-home softener removes minerals found in hard water to keep your body and your home performing at their best.

With a whole-home system:


Appliances last longer, work better and require fewer repairs


The bad odor and heavy taste is removed from your drinking water


You’ll have healthier hair and skin without expensive oils or lotions


You get crystal clear water that sparkles — right out of the tap


Laundry feels softer and smells better

Clean, safe water.

A Whole-Home Wellness System

Advanced, Cost-Effective Technology

The iGen head is one of the most sophisticated systems on the market. The system head self-monitors water usage, determines when filters need to be exchanged, and alerts you on its current status. Enjoy healthy, crystal clear water from every source of water in your home — with peace of mind in every drop.

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How our system works

The Hydronex iGen C is our premier whole-house water filtration system, with unbelievable ease of use and less maintenance than ever before. While earlier models processed 120,000 gallons of water in between scheduled service, the iGen C maintains the quality of your water for up to 2,000,000 gallons. That’s 20 years worth of crystal clear, safe, and delicious water from the kitchen, to the laundry, to every bathroom in your house! Here’s how it works:

1 – An iGen Digital Control Valve

Patented, state of the art technology maintains 60 days of your water usage history, while controlling cleaning and diagnostics – and even creates an auto-reserve so you never run out of quality water.  

2 – A Chlorostatic ® Technology Filter

Effectively reducing chloramine and chlorine from every tap in your home – and eliminating the need for filter changes. Our filter utilizes Clearess® Media to reduce the taste and odor of these chemicals for 2,000,000 million gallons of water before requiring maintenance. 

3 – A Combined Softener and Conditioner

While many companies still insist on selling these units separately, we’re excited to offer one contained system that does the job of two. Our system reduces iron and turbidity (which is the cloudiness or haze often associated with regular tap water), as well as the hardness that dries your skin and ruins your clothes. 

4 – A Clarifier that Truly Sparkles

It wouldn’t be enough to turn your water back into the clean, life-giving force Nature intended it to be without making it sparkle! The iGen C system includes silica gravel that polishes each drop of your water to give it a clarity you’ll never get tired of seeing.

The Most Efficient Water System

Our Hydronex system uses only 48 gallons of water to clean itself. Other systems require an average of 123 gallons to do the same thing. That’s 3x the savings over the lifespan of the unit, and so much less water wasted.

Lasts a lifetime

Other systems only last 10 years and require expensive yearly maintenance or service that could cost you $350 each visit. Our Hydronex system only needs service when it’s time to replace it. When is that? After 2,000,000 gallons of water, or about 20 years!

Better Tasting Water

We make your water clean, and we mean really clean. When your Drinking Water Filter removes harmful chemicals and pollutants, you’ll be able to taste the difference immediately. 

Save Money Annually

By treating the problem at the source – your tap – you’ll eliminate the need to buy water bottles. The money you’ll save from the 1000% markup on bottled water can be used on something more important. We’re sure you can think of a few ideas!

Reduce Chronic Toxins Exposure

In most cities, it takes an abundance of chemicals to treat your water. While these chemicals and organic materials may fall within current safety and health standards, long-term exposure to them can have lasting health effects on you and your loved ones.


Cleaner Food that Tastes Better

Knowing what goes into cleaning and preparing your food is always the first step in overall wellness. You can control the taste when quality is your top priority.


Safer and Higher Quality Water for Baby Formula

Not all tap water is created equal. You know this now. Our filters take out the harmful contaminants and chemicals that are used to treat water in most cities. Have more control over what’s in the water used to make the formula for your baby.


Care for Plants and Animals

Some of the chemicals used in treating water are not only harmful to our health over time, but they can also be harmful to your furry friends and plants! Give them the very best too!


Better Tasting Beverages

Chemicals, hard salts, organic material, and other things lurking in tap water can have a lasting effect on how your beverage tastes. You won’t have to worry about that next pot of coffee or pitcher of lemonade you serve your family or friends.

You won’t miss these:


The vicious cycle of buying water bottles

You don’t have to keep spending your money on someone else’s water.


The chronic exposure to harmful contaminants in your water

The chemicals that lurk dangerously in your water – pollutants, toxins, and metals.


Never achieving the level of wellness you should

You don’t have to hope that your water is doing the job it was made to do.


Health issues caused by poor water

The risk of everything from skin irritation to cancer exists in most municipal water supplies.

Most Popular & Best Valued

Hydronex iGen

Whole-Home Water Softening System

Over time, groundwater dissolves minerals and metals (like limestone and iron), causing your home’s water to become ‘hard’. Beyond affecting your insides, hard water can also impact your home’s plumbing, your appliances, and even how clean you get from a shower or bath. Our patented whole-home softener removes minerals found in hard water, to keep your body and your home performing at their best.


Appliances that last longer, work better and require fewer repairs


The bad odor and heavy taste removed from your drinking water


Healthier hair and skin without expensive oils or lotions


Crystal clear water that sparkles


Laundry that feels softer and smells better

We need this system change it is evident that our lives are being effected by bad water this could change our communities and our daily health the representative was outstanding and very understanding.

Betty Reed, Satisfied Customer

Everything has been wonderful since I’ve received my purifier! Jeff really worked with me and was very insightful. My daughter no longer requires breathing treatments. The water tastes delicious. Everyone enjoys it as well. Thank you guys for everything!

Ecklecia Morris, Satisfied Customer

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Our filters purify water of contaminants known to cause cancer, gastrointestinal issues, and developmental delays in children.



Protect hair and skin from the harsh chemicals in city water that strip away natural oils and cause damage and dryness – especially if your hair is dyed.



Our filters improve the taste of drinks, cooked food, and give you better results when baking.



Prevent costly repairs and replacements of household pipes and appliances by eliminating build-up that clogs and damages.



Our filters extend the lifespan of clothing by minimizing wear and fading caused by hard or chlorinated water.



Save time and money spent on products to clean carbonate build-up around the house.


Tested and Proven

All of our products are WQA Gold Seal Certified, NSF Certified, EPA Registered, and NASA Approved.


Peace of mind

Say goodbye to wasteful water bottles, the hassle of water delivery services, and the chore no one ever seems to enjoy: refilling the water pitcher.