Thinking of Buying a Kinetico Water Softener? (Read This Review First)

Kinetico is a global water softening system industry with a primary focus on reverse osmosis to deliver soft, purified water for the home. One of their main selling points is that their fully automatic water systems don’t rely on electricity—instead, they’re powered by moving water.

Like most high-end water softening systems on the market, Kinetico’s products are engineered with minimal maintenance in mind. That means that homeowners who invest in their water softening products will only have to worry about changing the filters every so often.

Of course, most water softening systems on the market today are advertised as low-maintenance, economical, and all the good things consumers want to hear. However, after doing some digging, we’ve found a few things that are worth noting about the company and its products.

For example, their customer service doesn’t seem to have customers’ best interests in mind. Additionally, the company doesn’t make any mention of the materials they use for their products anywhere on their website.

This may not seem like a big deal to most, but when you think in terms of life-long use and your health and safety, you want to ensure that the product filtering your household water isn’t also contaminating it as it wears down over time.

Here are a few other things to be aware of before choosing a Kinetico water softening system:

They Don’t Offer Much of a Warranty

Kinetico advertises durability as a selling point for their water softening products. Interestingly enough it took a bit of effort to find the measure of that durability, and after scouring their website and then finally Googling: How long do Kinetico water softeners last? We finally got a number.

The claim is that Kinetico water softening systems can last up to 30 years or more, with routine maintenance, of course. While 30 years is quite a long time. In fact, in water softener years, that’s technically a lifetime.

But we’re not totally convinced. Here’s why:

Kinetico only offers a five-year warranty for their products—despite claiming that they offer comprehensive warranties. They’re also not very transparent about this. They also claim that their warranties don’t come with any “fine print,” however, two points down from their no fine print clause, you’ll read:

 “Our warranties are valid only if your Kinetico product is installed, operated and serviced according to Kinetico’s recommendations and applicable local codes.”

That sounds like fine print to us. We also believe that if a company advertises a “life-long” product, it should have the proper warranty to back up its claims.

Just for the record, Puronics water softener systems come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty—that includes the resin, valves, and other parts essential to the overall function of their products.

They Don’t Have the Proper Certifications

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it over a thousand times—your water quality matters. The whole point of investing in a water softening system is to improve your home’s water quality. This extends to not only protecting your household appliances and belongings such as clothing from hard water but your family’s health and safety as well. 

That’s why when scoping out the competition, we ALWAYS look at their certifications.

Kinetico’s products are “independently tested and certified” by the Water Quality Association (WQA). That’s it, that’s their only certification.

Puronics water softening systems, on the other hand, are tested and certified by three major organizations that certify water softener products to ensure they meet specific standards. Including the WQA, the other companies that evaluate Puronics products are the NSF International (the most important certification on the market), and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).

Puronics’ products also undergo a strict evaluation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

All of these organizations evaluate each product rigorously to ensure that no harmful substances leech into your home’s water during the filtration process. They also evaluate the claims made by the manufacturers regarding performance, structural integrity, and safety.

They’re Not Transparent About Their Technology

Kinetico claims that their water softeners are the most efficient “ion exchange” water softeners on the market right now. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any information on the “innovative technology” the company has “pioneered” to deliver on these claims.

The best you’ll get from them is that their ion exchange system doesn’t require electricity to work. Instead, their water softening systems are powered by moving water, which of course comes with the claim that this is the more economical function.

In addition, while the company advertises the softening of water via their products, there’s no mention of exactly what is being removed from your water. A comprehensive water softening system should do more than just remove calcium and magnesium. After all, there are plenty of other minerals such as iron and gypsum to name a few that contribute to hard water and safety hazards.

The company also neglects to mention that while their water softening systems use 70% less salt and no electricity, they’re still wasting water during the water regeneration process due to the need for moving water to enable the system to work in the first place.

Puronics products are engineered as a dual system that ensures the water is filtered and softened at the same time. Puronics purchases the top 1% of resin beads, ensuring effective removal of contaminants and perfect water pressure (since they are all perfectly round and create less friction).

Additionally, at $3 per year, Puronics’ water softening systems barely leave a trace on your electricity bill. They can also easily be hooked up to a solar panel, and they use an innovative technology that transcends the need for back-flushing chemicals and excess salts back into the local ecosystems. This conserves more water than any other system on the market, which is especially important in areas that experience frequent droughts.  

They’re Not Transparent About Their Pricing

If you take a look at the Kinetico website, you’ll find that the company does not freely list its pricing. Potential customers must contact the company for a quote just to find out how much their water softening systems and filters cost. Furthermore, the quotes you receive from the Kinetico service representatives are merely an estimate of what your system may actually cost.

Make no mistake, Kinetico’s representatives will absolutely try to upsell you as much as possible. They’ll highlight all the good things you want to hear to distract you from the fact that even their most basic water softening product will cost you a minimum of $2,000—and that’s not including installation or other “necessary” accessories.

They’ll also recommend that you use multiple Kinetico products for different areas of the house, rather than helping you find just one solution. On top of it all, you won’t be able to compare pricing from other retailers and get a second estimate.

In addition to the entry pricing, you’ll need to commit to yearly maintenance. Of course, the maintenance is as simple as changing the filter once a year, which costs somewhere around $400 a pop. It may not seem like too much, but for a family of four, you expect to be changing those filters every six months.

Then there’s maintenance and servicing in the event that something breaks. You can only get new parts such as valves and fittings directly from the company, and if you’ve read some of the customer reviews that we linked to earlier in the article, you’ll find that the company won’t take responsibility for any damages caused by their products.

While you’d have to request a quote for Puronics water softening products as well, they’re sold through plenty of retailers, such as The GoodFor Company, so you have the advantage of comparing estimates. The company does this because they believe that every family deserves to access pure and clean water directly from the tap, regardless of their budget. 

Introducing: The Puronics Hydronex C Model

In light of discussing pure and clean water for the entire home, we’d like to introduce you to the Puronics Hydronex C Model—it’s a whole-house water softener and conditioning system that’s designed to maintain the quality of your water for up to 2 million gallons.

That’s roughly 20 years of clean and safe water for a family of four.

But that’s not the only thing to get excited about. Let’s take a closer look at some of the Hydronex C model’s features:

It Uses Innovative and Patented Technology

There are two components of notable and innovative technology worth mentioning here: The Patented iGen® Digital Control Valve and the ChloroShieldTM Clearess® media.

With the Patented iGen® Digital Control Valve homeowners get the advantage of the following:

  • 60 days of water usage maintenance history to maximize backflush/recharge efficiency
  • A double backwash system to ensure a clean filter media bed
  • Built-in diagnostics to ensure consistently superior quality water
  • An auto reserve function so you never run out of quality water
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant 1-inch control valve construction that will guarantee years of trouble-free, efficient operations
  • A downflow brining system that ensures minimal water usage and efficient salt dosage to prevent waste and protect the surrounding environment.

With the ChloroShieldTM Clearess® media technology, homeowners can rest easy knowing their water softening system is effectively reducing chloramine and chlorine in addition to calcium and magnesium to improve the odor, taste, and safety of their home’s water.

This technology also contributes to the softening system’s efficiency, which reduces the system’s overall operating costs.

It Uses a Three-Piece Filter Media Tank

In addition to the media technology used, the Hydronex C Model tank was also designed for optimal levels of performance over years of use.

That’s why the media tank was built using a three-piece filter media containing an inner liner of Polyethylene and an outer layer of fiberglass with a stainless steel cover. They also use push-seal fittings for superior leak protection. This is to prevent any wear and tear on the model to cause leaching over time, as well as to protect any vulnerable components from breaking or wearing down from the elements.

Puronics understands that water itself is corrosive. That’s why the company insists on using only the best materials that can withstand the tests of time while keeping your water safe and as clean as possible.

It’s Both a Water Softener and Conditioner

The Puronics Hydronex C Model was designed with efficiency and quality in mind. That’s why this model contains a high-capacity S-759 monospheric resin with uniformly-sized beads for maximum efficiency and higher flow rates.

Unlike other water softening systems, the Hydronex C Model also reduces iron and turbidity, in addition to hardness. Additionally, silica gravel is used to polish and condition your water—similar to the silica-rich artesian waters—so it doesn’t just sparkle but tastes and feels smooth.

Overall, this particular model was designed to provide your home with the cleanest and purest water possible.

It Comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

We know we mentioned Puronics’ warranty before, but it bears repeating. All of Puronics’ water softening products come with a limited lifetime warranty to cover any manufacturer and workmanship defects to ensure that you get the quality you deserve—for a lifetime.

What makes a product like a water softener system worth the investment is the quality of the materials used, its efficacy, its certifications, the science behind it, and the integrity of the company behind it. You and your family’s health and safety and peace of mind should come before profit—not the other way around.

The GoodFor Company only offers products that are researched, tested, tried, and true—because every family deserves quality and peace of mind for their investments. At GoodFor, We ensure our products have the backing of reputable organizations because we believe in backing up our work with science.