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Just as with filters for drinking water products, you’re going to have to review a lot of information to find a shower head filter model that actually cleans and purifies your water. You’ll find that there are several varieties such as vitamin C filter, KDF and carbon filters, which require replacement filters, too. Buyer beware—there are a lot of “health experts” out there blogging about the “best shower water filters” and using their Amazon account and affiliate links to make a commission. However, they are not scientists, and Amazon doesn’t test or NSF certify every product it sells within its marketplace categories, menu list and website content.

Here’s everything anyone should know about why these common water filtration cartridges are a waste of your time and money. Plus, learn where to find the filters that work.

Most Showerhead Filters on the Market Don’t Work

The first mistake people tend to make when purchasing shower water filters is not doing their research. The second mistake they make is choosing the first flashy product they see on Amazon. It takes charge to search all the elements, deals and options on several pages and sites. Then, there are the comments to consider. The right choice isn’t always obvious. It’s normal to get swept away by the advertising because advertising exists to increase consumption of more things. But, you have a specific matter at hand, so keep that in mind. Good shower water provides softer hair through activated carbon in some cases.

The term “filter” is not a one-size-fits-all advertisement when it comes to a shower filtration system. Comprehending the contaminants such as metals, chlorine and bacteria is the first step. Next, understand their concentration in your tap water. Then, learn what a filter cartridge is meant to purify. Put together, what a model shower filter actually purifies makes more sense. Finally, you’ll be better prepared to choose the right shower filter design for all shower types at any site. The jury is still out on the vitamin C filter because the goal is to achieve shower water that provides radiant hair and skin free of hard water, most copper and chlorine.

Common contaminants you’re showering with are:

  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Arsenic
  • Heavy metals, including lead, aluminum, mercury, copper, chromium, etc.
  • Bacteria
  • Fluoride
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Excessive minerals known for hardening your water
  • Sulfur

One way to know if there is lead, site water issues or too much zinc is dull-looking hair and skin. Signs that you are showering with these chemicals include skin irritation, eye irritation, and dry skin. Exposure may change your hair color or dry out your skin’s natural oils. Once the water quality improves, you’ll notice improved hair health, a better flow rate and water pressure. A filtered shower can feel like aquabliss, which will also be health risk-free thanks to a solid shower filter.

Chlorine is a chemical found in the public water supply. Its purpose is to disinfect. While chemicals get rid of bacteria and other pathogens, chlorine has an impact on your skin and hair as well as your shower pipe, shower arm and overall performance. In worst case scenarios, severe health problems occur such as liver malfunction, faltering immune levels, and worsening asthma from chlorine over-exposure.

EPA studies are helpful for understanding the links between chlorine, chemicals and chloride. Since they focus on people, health and public services, information dispersed by the agency helps you make an educated choice. A zip code may determine the levels of lead, mercury and other compounds in that geographical area, so you require a site specific product to address your needs. Some homes are more likely to experience higher levels of lead, chloroform and zinc as well as alloy through their public utility services.

Impurities affect your hair health, body and pores because substances like chlorine seep into the skin over time, not all at once. If there are children and they experience dryness, make a decision to change services because it means there is a site issue. At the very least, you require a unit that provides safety, functionality and a variety of positive effects. Actions like this prevent future, more severe issues and problems. It’s possible to find a budget friendly type that gets rid of toxins and satisfies your preferences. These problems have viable solutions.

Here’s what the majority of shower water filters claim to do:

  • Filter out contaminants such as chlorine, most chloramines, heavy metals, organic vocs, etc. (These descriptions are always incredibly vague)
  • Filter out the minerals that cause water to harden, i.e., calcium and magnesium
  • Improve dry, itchy skin and conditions such as Eczema
  • Improve the look of hair, nails, and skin
  • Remove unpleasant odors
  • Conserve water

Removing chlorine and chloramine lead to improved hair and skin, which people enjoy, because the effects on hair and looks are real. Although the claim on the shower water filter packaging sounds good, keep doing the necessary research. Most common types of media used to back up the above claims are:

  • Activated carbon
  • Alkaline or zeolite ceramic mineral beads
  • Calcium sulfite
  • Coconut shells
  • Microporous PP cotton
  • Sand
  • Redox
  • Ultra-fine stainless steel mesh

While most of the above are effective, especially when used together, many common brands claim to only need to use “coconut shell carbon” technology. Or, they boast a 15-stage filtration blueprint to purify and soften your water. However, it’s typically left out of the description. That would include the types of metals, plastics, or other stuff used to encase the model. Many brands also take things a step further. They add ceramic vitamin C and tourmaline beads to “infuse” your water to give your skin, hair, and nails a boost.

Here are the things all these brands aren’t telling you:

A decent shower filter leads to roughly 90% chlorine reduction in your tap. This means chlorine that has not attached itself to any other minerals in your tap. However, many filters only remove a small amount, if any at all. The filters claiming to remove up to 99% of the chlorine from your shower water have no scientific research to back up this specific claim. These results are usually fabricated. So, it’s not surprising these are usually the filters that don’t do more for filtering your water at all.

As we browsed through Amazon’s top selection pool, we found that virtually all of them were cheap. The Chinese or Korean-made realistically only removed a small portion of the metals they claim to remove. Another big claim by these brands is that their shower water filters soften your water.

Let us be clear—they do not, in any way, shape, or form, soften your water and barely remove any chemicals. The process of hard water removal—relieving your water of excess magnesium and copper— is very scientific as it requires either an ion exchange or reverse osmosis strategy. However, when chlorine and other metals are filtered out of the water, it can make the water less harsh. This can leave your hair and skin feeling significantly softer, making you believe that your shower filter is working and keeping you healthy.

Additionally, many brands boast the selling point of their shower filters lasting for 12 months at a time. However, when you take into consideration the duration of each shower taken daily in your home, you’ll come to find that these filters have a shelf-life of three to six months tops. So, you’ll need a replacement filter much sooner. At best, the more common ones you come across on Amazon or in home retail stores only remove a small portion of the minerals and copper coming from the public water supply. Remember that someone is getting paid a commission to talk up the items.

Why GoodFor Showerhead Filters Do Work

If you want to find the best shower filter that actually works as it claims to at a competitive price and is backed by science, then you’ll want to look in the direction of the GoodFor Company. There are several choices on the market, and they differ in price, condition and scale. Unlike the cheap, foreign kinds found on Amazon, the GoodFor showerhead filters make good on their promises as they come with the most beneficial features, including:

  • A Realistic Timeframe

The GoodFor showerhead filters deliver up to six months (or 10,000 gallons) of fresh, clean, and healthy water and removes chlorine. Of course, the number of people showering in your home daily will affect this outcome. However, this filter still lasts three times longer than the filters claiming to last for an entire year. Also, expect to purchase an easy to install unit, which is a definite bonus.

  • Hard Water Removal Capabilities

Speaking of water purification, the GoodFor water filtration system is one of the few filters on the market guaranteed to truly soften your water because it removes chlorine and other harsh chemicals and contaminants. Water softeners makes cleaning agents more effective. This guarantees healthier skin, nails, and hair since these filters do what they’re meant to do and promise to do. You can acquire a separate water softener, but our best shower filter improves water quality and multi-tasks.

Hard water leaves strands of residue and gunk on your bathroom faucet, which causes an odor and smells. Hard water negatively impacts your home’s plumbing and pipes. Moisture already tends to rust pipes. When you shower, you’ll notice that you require more shampoo and soap to work up lather. If you notice dandruff, it’s due to the calcium buildup. Water softeners remove impurities from drinking water. They also improve shower water.

Soft water is free of heavy metal, copper and other contaminants as opposed to hard water.

8 Stages of Quality and Effective Media

Most importantly, the GoodFor Company has a keen focus on caliber over quantity in terms of the number of levels that should be included in an effective filter.

The 8-stage blueprint focuses on:

  • Sediment removal. Using sand, ultra-fine mesh steel, and micro-porous cotton PP in the first few stages is used to remove small particles including dust and vocs. Moreover, these parts also prevent larger particles from entering the filter in the first place.
  • Impurity removal. Using calcium sulfite, redox, and activated carbon, the next few phases of this filter work extra hard to reduce chlorine and limescale in both hot and cold water. They also serve to remove other harmful substances, including trihalomethanes (THMs).
  • Protection. The last two phases use another layer of micro-porous cotton PP and fine steel mesh to prevent any filter and captured sediment—large or small—from escaping the filter.   

While other brands that boast 15-stages of filtration may use similar technology, which are effective, they also typically use ceramic fillers, chemicals, and minerals as filler. This would make any unknowing customer think they’re getting the best showerhead filtration and protection. However, these excess fillers only mask your water rather than purify it. Additionally, these unnecessary fillers end up leaching chemicals and other substances back into your shower water—which is why the brands that sell them are not forthcoming about all the materials used, other chemicals and related information.

Best Shower Filter Conclusion

The bottom line is that your health and safety come first, before any commission. Whether it’s your drinking water or showers water, you deserve a great shower experience and softer hair without contaminants. You’ll see that it makes a difference without an overwhelming cost. Purchasing a cheap or conveniently priced one from a brand you just learned about on Amazon’s links won’t get the job done. Not even close on water performance. Showers are supposed to be relaxing

The GoodFor Company is a family-owned and operated company that firmly believes in science. That’s why they only produce products that are Earth-friendly and sustainable, and have been thoroughly researched, tested, and NSF certified. Every household deserves products that work and are easy to install at reasonable prices. Plus, you receive peace of mind in your investment and health. You can shop with confidence because we provide recommendations, answer questions and offer pertinent information. It’s time to make your hair shine again.